My Stuff! My Glorious Stuff!



Some quick news before I head off to bed: I got to finally see my BigSteelBox yesterday! I had a pretty rotten and annoying experience with actual movers the last time I went from one apartment to another, and that was just moving within the Edmonton area, so I really didn’t want to even chance using a moving truck and strange burly men for my long haul to Vancouver Island. Maybe I’m a bit of a control freak, but I liked being able to control not just how my boxes were packed (and after the eight years in my previous job where I was working more or less in the shipping/receiving department, less and then more, I am an absolute expert box packer) but I liked being able to control how all of my things were oriented and strapped down inside the tiny sea can that I chose.

Or, rather, I liked being able to ask my former truck driver dad to help me Tetris my stuff in. He’s kind of a wizard.

His skills and sorcery were proved yesterday. Success! My stuff made it from Edmonton to Sidney in perfect safety and the way Dad had it strapped down, nothing budged even a centimetre from start to finish. If there’s damage, you can bet that I did it all myself a month ago while hauling cardboard boxes down the stairs in my previous apartment. Hurrah! I can totally stand blaming myself for everything! That’s comfortable! I really, really, really like taking responsibility for everything that I can, and I totally am a bit of a control freak!

That was such a moment of happy. Just being able to touch my bookcases again and my boxes and to really and truly know that all of my creature comforts, few that they are, had come across the mountains safely, now that was a relief. We brought my bike back, plus some files I needed and as many components of my desktop computer as I could find. The USB hub, Blu-Ray player, and SuperDrive, and monitor (the most problematic part to not have) are still lost in the out-of-reach boxes at the back, but I can limp along with what I managed to grab. I’ve got my Intuos5 Touch tablet back, and that makes me happiest. That thing is a dream to work with (at least until I can justify getting a Cintiq someday).

(Computer Babble Incoming!)

Now it’s just problem solving in order to get things set up. I’m currently doing the research to see if it’s possible to use my MacBook to just control my Mac Mini, or if I can use the MacBook as a monitor, or if I have to just… go get a cheap but decent monitor from Best Buy to act as a back up to my other still-buried monitor. If it need be so, then so be it! Although hopefully not. I’ve found solutions that could work, but some of them call for an ethernet cable to get my Mac Mini up and running on the network to start, and I’m in an RV in my boyfriend’s parents’ driveway, leeching off of the very edge of the wi-fi bubble from inside their house, so that won’t work.

Currently considering: bringing the Mac Mini into the house temporarily, stealing the monitor from Tim’s computer just briefly, getting the Mac Mini onto the network, and then hopefully it’ll just continue to remember and automatically grab that network in the future from the RV and then my MacBook can talk to the Mini.

With the spottiness of the wi-fi in the RV, though, I’d love to find a method that involves a cable connection between the two computers instead of relying on wireless, though. That’s bound to be full of hiccups.

I shall keep pondering!

(Computer Babble Complete!)

Ultimately, I really can’t wait until I have a real place to set all my stuff up again. With the housing crisis in Victoria and Vancouver, that might be a while, but it’s going to be my happy daydream until it happens. I’m in perfectly comfortable accommodations right now, and bonus, the rent is lower than I’ll ever see again, but heck, we all know that there’s nothing more comfortable than coming home to One’s Own Stuff and Things and just getting cozy.

The day will come!

Until then, I’m just super pleased to see that they’re all okay!