Flashback: Journey To The West: Part One

Why West?

Its been almost two weeks since I left Alberta. For those who don’t know the story, it was for mostly for love. My boyfriend, Tim, is a lifelong resident of Vancouver Island, and after doing the long distance dating thing for over a year, I decided that it was absolutely time to do the scary thing and move west.

If I had to move anywhere, this is where I always would have wanted to go. I literally remember being in Vancouver when I was probably around four years old, walking along the seawall with my Great Uncle Leo, and staring out at the really big puddle that is the ocean, and thinking, in my four year old brain, that there was no more fantastic place in the world than what I was looking at right then. There are journal entries in my elementary school assignment books that talk about me wanting to be a marine biologist working at the Vancouver Aquarium when I grew up (oh, poor wee me, you’re really bad at the math part of science and therefore doomed). Excitement at the nearly annual trips to see my Baba in Richmond turned into enthusiastically volunteering to go with my mom every single year as I got older, even when I was moved out of the house and it meant taking time off work sometimes. I watched the first season of Once Upon a Time almost entirely for the backgrounds, because it’s filmed heavily on Moncton Street in Steveston, my most favouritest part of Richmond. I adore this place.

Meeting Tim just kind of sealed the deal. What had always been an unjustifiable daydream suddenly didn’t just seem like a good idea, it was the only correct thing to do. I love this guy. He’s sweet, he’s weird, he’s as much of a geek as I am, and I’ve never met anyone who was as easy to talk to as he is. We’re each others’ biggest fans, and it’s the first time I’ve been in a relationship with someone and felt like we were entirely on equal footing, working towards the same or at least compatible goals.

What hard set the date was the economic situation in Alberta. With unemployment beginning to spike into ugly territory, promising that I’d definitely be unable to escape my then-present predicament if I stayed put any longer, it got me thinking that not only was it only right to move for love, there’s no question that one of the best places in Canada for a creative person to be is in British Columbia. Sure enough, while I struggled at being able to find a job related to my education for years and years back home, I haven’t even been here for a month and I’ve got a job interview on Monday for a position that could put my skills as an editor to work. Fingers crossed!

My roommate moved this way on the same day I did. She landed on the mainland in Vancouver while I went the extra hop to the island, but she’s finding the same kind of response. Both of us had the situation where we put in an application and got a call back within 24 hours. Crazy and very encouraging!

So far, definitely one of my better life choices, this.

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  1. I keep fingers very much crossed for you! I know you would be amazing at that job but you’re amazing at whatever you want to do. Tim wouldn’t disagree so that’s how you know I’m right. 😉

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