The Ole’ Gramophone


Well, maybe not so ole’. Birthday present I acquired for Tim as a (kinda super) belated gift. He’s been drooling over the Transistor soundtrack on vinyl since it was released. I managed to find a super classy gramophone on Amazon that is also a full blown stereo system, because what’s the point of a record if you can’t play it? This thing is fancy!

Commence: collecting some really nerdy vinyl records. Only the nerdiest!

3 thoughts on “The Ole’ Gramophone

  1. Oh how I covet the pretty record player. I know I have one already but oh how I loves this thing!! I promise, if you notice someone petting it in the middle of the night, I didn’t just come over for that express purpose… I mean, it totally wasn’t me. I swear I didn’t bring my flock of seagulls record over just to listen on the big shiny horn. Shiny….

  2. Heheheh. XD No, totally not you. Never you. Scaring my boyfriend out of bed with an improptu playing of “And I raaaaan, I ran so far awaaaaaay…” followed by said perpetrator acting out the lyrics.

    No, never you. ;P

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