Inktober 01 – Jericho


Inktober has begun! I’m really, really rusty with ink doodling. Tim and I had limited time last night, too, since he had to go to bed and get up for work this morning, so this was kind of a speed sketch.

You can tell I’ve been thinking about working on my books again. I need to draw him a hundred times so that I get him right, but this is Jericho, or at least it’s the back of his head. I haven’t drawn human faces in so long that I wasn’t confident enough to give him one. He’s an old character from an unnamed fantasy story that I desperately want to explore. I wrote the first bit a long time ago and I’m tempted to post it here. It’s just a rough draft. A very rough draft. It’ll probably see a thousand little revisions before I back off from the book and call it done, after all.