Briefly Breaking the Silence

Whoops! My humblest apologies. I ran into a series of really busy days and haven’t been able to post much. At first it was just a combination of errand-running and disruptions, but then last week we did something that I’m going to be doing on a fairly regular basis which still blows my little land-locked-for-life mind and we took a ferry over to Vancouver. Just for a day. Just to see a concert, and then to visit family and friends and then head on home. Wild and crazy! The idea of just taking a great big boat like it’s a great big bus and travelling all the way to another city is just… insane! And yet that’s totally a thing. Especially since Tim’s a cosplayer extraordinaire, I’m eventually going to look at that concept like it’s no big deal whatsoever, I’m sure.

…and yet I kind of hope I don’t ever really get to that point because ferries are just so fascinating to me. All sorts of water travel fascinates me. I have little to no experience with it.

At any rate, that’s a tale I’ll owe to all of you very soon! Very, very soon. As soon as I’m capable of it. There’ll be pictures and probably some song clips from YouTube and other gloriousness. For now, I just wanted to get a shout out that I’m still alive and kicking. Tim’s family is telling me that we have a crazy storm coming at us in a few hours, so I’m not sure exactly when that big post’ll go up. There’s a chance the power might go out and I keep hearing that there’ll be wild winds, possible flooding, and other maddening potential catastrophes. We’re probably going to flee the RV for the safety of the house for a night or two.

I’m just going to look at it as more adventures to post about! When I can. When I have power and time and a computer that works. I’ll blerble on Twitter when I have a chance, just so everyone knows I’m alive and well, and if the power stays up then I’ll hopefully get that long post written up for tomorrow.

I’ve also still been diligently working on Inktober, I swear, but due to near-constant distraction the last week (and a short period where I fell completely behind by a few days), I haven’t posted them anywhere. I’ll get those queued up to post over the next couple of days, so even if you still don’t get many words from me for a little bit, you can still see some art every few hours.

Here’s the first, from October 2nd’s prompt: noise! Sometimes I kind of took the prompt and stepped sideways with it. In this case I went more for the idea of sound. I just love the idea of tikedi headphones.


3 thoughts on “Briefly Breaking the Silence

  1. Hold on to something out there and don’t blow away! Good luck with the storms and looking forward to hearing more about your afternoon today. 🙂

    1. I shall endeavour! Our photographer is having a problem with their computer being missing (until next week) so it might be a little while until real photographic evidence of the day appears. 🙂 I’ll do a little chatting about it soon, though! Right! X3

      1. Ahem, I think we discussed this thing about the photographs this morning, did we not??? 😉 (Really, how could I not bring that up??? It was there! Practically gift wrapped it was so there.)

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