Flashback: Red Green

In the name of getting caught up… eventually? Here’s another blast from the (recent) past. When I first arrived here in BC, we’d made plans to go see a show that made my little Canadian heart just so happy:



(looking a bit close for comfort there, but it was a cardboard standie, so it’s okay)

From what I’ve heard, that was one of few very, very, very Canadian shows that was popular in other countries, most notably south of the border. Despite our age difference (if you don’t know, I dare you to guess who’s older) between Tim and I, we both grew up watching it regularly. Really, I think it’s kind of a test of Canadianness if you can recite the Man’s Prayer even if you’re a woman, and if you understand the true holiness of duct tape. Getting to see the old codger live on stage was epic awesomeness, even if his humor hasn’t adapted to the changing times. Not that I’d really expect it to. Possum Lodge is always going to be mocking computer geeks even though 1995 was a long, long time ago.

As someone who’s grown up admiring her two very handy and resourceful parents, neither of whom ever shied away from tackling the tough, dirty jobs while living on a farm (sometimes while swearing about it, but that’s the absolute right of the fix-it person, I’d say), I was super pleased with his commandments at the end to honour thy handypeople. I’m not as much of one as I’d like, and while I could probably call upon my resources to keep myself warm and safe if I had to, it would be with more error compared to success in the trials and I know it. Kudos to those around me who know what wrench works for what task. In the end, I’m still a nerdtastic Harold of a computer geek all the way.

Worth seeing! There’s another check mark on the ole bucket list.