Chasing Happy

I’m tryin’. I’m tryin’. In a recent commiserating phone call to former roommate Danielle, she agreed that we’ve both hit that place where the novelty of having moved to a new province has kind of worn off and the frustrations are starting to build in regards to the parts of our lives that we haven’t reclaimed yet. We’re both looking for work still in order to get that sense of normal routine back and also the all-important financial security. Admittedly, we’ve both been doing way better than we would have in Alberta. Here, in just six weeks, we’ve both had multiple job interviews that have gone well, just no takers as of yet. At home we were both getting months-long silences even though there were probably literally hundreds of our resumes floating around out there. Victory is a thing that can happen here. Things are better.

We’re also both eager to get our comfort zones back, and for both of us that hinges on getting a job. In my case, it’s The Saga of My Stuff, as always. Yesterday we did a thing where we took the boxed up contents of my life and removed them from storage in a far away and hard to get to facility (thus saving me from a bill every month) and instead stored them in a very nearby locale that’s owned by my boyfriend’s parents. It’s a positive. It means my things are closer, they’re easier to deal with, and while the security’s probably about the same compared to where they were, they do feel more safe just because I can personally go and poke them if I feel the need. I’d still have to catch a bus to get there, but it’s a really short ride.

Laddie has seen so much in his twenty-some-year lifetime, but more than anything else, he’s glad to be out of that box. That was a new one.

And I did get a few things back that matter to me. I reclaimed my XBox, my Playstation, my DVDs, my games, and some of my most precious books as well as Laddie, my favoritest raggedy stuffed animal buddy who’s been my companion since I was ten. There are more things that I would like to locate, but for now that’s a plus. I’m slightly tormented by the Schrödinger’s Cat Effect, though: I keep thinking of things that I hope I packed, but I’m not sure if I packed them, and there are things I can’t find, like an entire box of art books, and it’s a question of whether I packed them in a box that I didn’t label as containing books, or if I just didn’t find that particular box yesterday, or if I just didn’t dig far enough into the boxes that I did find… Is the cat alive or dead, you know? I’ll find out eventually, but until then I get to deal with my loud brain banging pots and pans together and telling me how certain it is that I accidentally donated my beloved and expensive and rare as heck Escaflowne movie art book by Nobuteru Yuki instead of packing it. And my Dante’s Inferno coffee table book. And my The Art of the Dark Crystal book. AND my From Myst to Riven long-out-of-print hardcover.

All of which I can replace because I know how to look for weird, rare books, but argh I don’t want to (and probably don’t have to because they’re probably there somewhere?).

Schrödinger’s Cat! Are they alive or are they dead?!

Dang I can’t wait to be done this moving stuff.

Because some aspect of the universe likes to pat me on the head and tell me to chill and stop making those annoying little meeping sounds because it’s trying to sleep, this morning Facebook regurgitated a Memory™ of a broken link to a video that kind of fits the mood of recent times. I’m going to post the not-broken video for anyone else who’s in a mire of Tough Times and needs to remember how to yank oneself out of the Pit of Despair with a hefty dose of Be Silly:

Ze Frank’s A Show (from 2012): Chase That Happy (watch all the way to the end for the bit that really makes me laugh)

When that first came out I was in a different funk of uncomfortable: living alone and going squirrelly with the loneliness and the running out of money while trying to afford bread. It gave me a chuckle I needed and it speaks a truth: you can’t just let troubles win, you have to chase that happy!

Also, watch a bunch more of Ze Frank’s videos. He’s a weirdo, but a really funny and sometimes intensely poignant weirdo. I miss seeing his face online regularly.

ALSO: Inktober shall return shortly! I keep getting buried in stuff and distracted and forgetting to scan it all. Soon!

ALSO ALSO: I mentioned it on my Twitter, but I’m giving NaNoWriMo an official shot for the first time this year! I’m listed as MeghanBTaylor, if any of you fine folks are writers and want to be my buddy.

3 thoughts on “Chasing Happy

  1. Yay Laddie!!! I’m glad that you have access to your things again. That is a huge relief, for sure. And here’s wishing you continued good luck and happy thoughts while we ride out this adventure through the part where we wish Bilbo would just get his ass unstuck and find that all important employment thing. That *was* what he was doing right? Following the dwarves outward into the world to find a better job than the one he had in the Shire?? 😉

    Also, NaNoWriMo… I ponders. If I decide to take the plunge I shall add you.

      1. Yaaaay, I’m glad you got a kick out of that. X3

        Ooh. If you decide to join me on NaNo, then all shall be excite! If not, I know you’re rooting for me and that’s super awesome. 🙂

        All the good luck to you, too! We shall persevere and get through this and… and… victory! VICTORY!

        (…battlefield, swoooooord….)

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