A Bit of Home

I had a small adventure yesterday, and apparently while I was away, Aleksi’s perpetual argument (“I want to eat you!” “NO!”) with a local squirrel escalated a tad and now there’s actual sparring and teasing involved.

The video was taken by Tim, and I didn’t get to see it until yesterday night. I actually left him at home yesterday and did a brave thing! I travelled all the way from here in Victoria to the ferries and then to Vancouver, and then all the way back in the evening, all on my lonesome (well, I got picked up halfway along the return bus ride, but the point is that I could have done it by myself and that’s nifty). It actually wasn’t too bad, either, although I need to remember to bring a book when I get on board. There’s wi-fi, but my phone constantly dropped the connection all the way across the water. Understandable, and ah well.

I’m apparently collecting a tally of which boats I get onboard:


So far: three! And I’ve been on the Spirit of Vancouver Island twice. I got to wave at it as I walked by to get on the Coastal Celebration yesterday and I swear the novelty of all of this has got to wear off soon.

I was only over on the mainland for a few hours this time. My parents flew to BC to visit with family for the weekend, and I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t at least try to go see them. It meant getting up early in the morning, but I did it!


It was mostly a quiet day, as I expected. My family is very low-key and we like to keep things simple. We went for lunch in Steveston, my favorite Vancouver-area hangout, and this time we went to Shady Island Restaurant, which I’d never visited before. Tasty stuff, especially the chowder! We talked a lot about how things were going with me on the island and how things were going with them on the farm, briefly detoured into talking about Star Trek because my family is amazing that way, and then we got up, walked through the Brittania Shipyards, and proceeded to go visit with some of my local relatives. After that, we walked around Garry Point Park before I went home.  A very simple, very nice trip, full of of all the typical things that I’d do when I visited BC with my mom in years past, just greatly sped up. It was a small dose of comfort.

I needed that. I needed that slow day with familiar people who completely get my weird sense of humor and speak the same geeky language as I do.

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to visit with them next, but I’m looking forward to it. It just makes me feel better to tangibly see that my little bit of normal still exists.

Next ferry trip’s in two weeks’ time when Tim and I go to Fan Expo Vancouver for a day. This is going to be old hat in no time.